Tired of old technology masked as Ultrabooks

Will manufacturers stop producing the same old crap?

I can go and buy an ultrabook that has the same old technology that my 2 year old laptop has.  It’s just shinier.

When I hear the term “ultrabook” I think of high end and light.  Apparently I’m the only one.


Things that new ultrabooks need as standard:

512 SSD Hard drives

8gigs of RAM

Quad core processors

14″ screen

1920,1080 resolution or bigger

Touch screen

Gorilla glass

Backlit keyboards

Big touch pads with multi-input that actually works.

3 USB 3.0 ports.


1 Thunderbold connection

10 hour battery

under 3 pounds, preferably 2.

Detachable from keyboard


Is this really too much to ask for?  Why must you ruin the ultrabook name?

Short and sweet.

    West County Computers

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