Are you getting the most out of your computers and network?

computer trainingHave you asked yourself lately if you’re getting the most value out of your computer and networking systems? Have you ever had training on the programs and software you have installed on your system? If the answer is no, chances are you have functionality you’re not using; but you could be. Believe it or not, you can get customized computer training, regardless of your system or programs, and specific to your skill level and the software you’re most interested in learning.

In addition to all the other residential services West County Computers offers clients; like system and internet protection; maintenance & cleaning; and hardware & software setup, we also offer ongoing hardware and software support, which includes personalized training sessions.

You might be asking yourself, in this day and age when everyone is tech-savvy, why would I need training for my home computer. But, you might be surprised to learn how much more you could do with your systems when you speak to a pro who knows them inside-out. For many people baseline functionality is ok, but for people who want to maximize value and get the most out of their technology, basic functionality just doesn’t cut it.

Professional computer training; like the kind offered by West County Computers for home systems, includes many benefits such as; becoming more efficient at using your software, reducing frustration, learning to troubleshoot common issues; and one of the best features, saving money by learning to maximize the functionality you already have.

Become more efficient in how you use your systems.

Every computer user has been there at one point or another; you know what you’re trying to do, you just don’t know how to do it with the program you’re using. Sometimes you click button after button, hoping to stumble across the function you need; sometimes you take to the internet to try and search for the solution. Save yourself time and hassle, learn how to use your programs from an expert and start getting what you need to do, done faster.

Reduce your frustration by learning the ins and outs of programs you use most.

Computer frustration is real, and it doesn’t make for a pleasant experience when you’ve got a deadline or just can’t get your system to do something you really want it to do. Stop getting frustrated, West County Computers will come to your home and work with you; at your level, to help you get the information you need to complete the projects that matter to you. Save yourself the headache and desperation, get a quick training session and start enjoying your computer time.

Learn how to troubleshoot common issues.

There will always be a time and place for calling in the IT service professionals like West County Computers; however, there are a lot of simple things you can try to help resolve some of the most common PC issues. Schedule a computer training session with West County Computers and learn techniques you can use to determine if an issue can be resolved simply or if you really do need a pro, either way, we’ve got you covered.

Save money when you maximize functionality.

Using your systems to their fullest capacity; at least in how it applies to your regular use, is just good sense because you’ll save yourself hassle, frustration, and ultimately you’ll even save money. When you know how to get the most out of your programs you’ll be able to use them as fully as possible and will likely find that many programs have bells & whistles that you’ve overlooked. Instead of purchasing a new program to accomplish a task, first make sure what you have already isn’t capable of doing it.

We’ve helped others make the most of their computer systems and we want to help you too. Learn more about how we can help you get the most out of your system when you contact us today and start making the most of your technology.

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