CES 2015 – Stand Out Tech For This Year

Every new year is an exciting time for technologCES 2015 stand out techy as the tech giants announce and display some of their most recent creations at the Consumer Electronics Show in January.

There’s a lot of great new and massively improved technology set for release to the masses during 2015.

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At West County Computers, we’re looking forward to all the new tech, but we must admit we do have our eye on a few pieces in particular.

Connected Home Innovations

We’ve been waiting a long time for the high-tech home of the future and this year we’re getting a little bit closer. The options are really starting to pile up with companies offering everything from smart refrigerators to tricked-out home monitoring & security camera systems.

Some of the coolest products launching this year are focused on energy efficiency, like connected thermostats and WiFi lightbulbs. Eco-friendly, advanced home technology is going to be fun to watch the next few years. They’re already making substantial improvements and it’s looking like more widespread affordability is right around the corner.


These bad boys remind us of a Segway for your feet! You tilt forward to go and back to apply the brakes. They have a quick & easy strap-on system that allows you to wear them over your shoes, and since your feet are so close to the ground you can even walk if you need to. Supposedly you can even go up to 12 mph with them!

They seem like they’d be fun for a quick jaunt and; of course, the novelty is there, but unless you pony up the cash for the R10 models that can go 90 minutes, you’re only going to get about an hour or less of operation before you have to charge them for 1.5 hours. Even still, these would be fun to try.


Seriously, you can’t talk about technology in 2015 and not mention drones. These things have exploded in popularity since they became affordable to the masses in the past couple of years.

We’re keeping an eye on the drone’s technology because of its unique and varied applications. Drones are already making waves in real estate, extreme sports, and even the family trip to national parks (but it seems they’re becoming an issue & getting banned) but they could potentially become an incredible tool for law enforcement and other practical professions. Plus, it would be cool just to have one to play around with!

Are you following reports from the CES floor? Have you been keeping your eye on anything in particular? We’d love to hear about the products you’re most interested in for 2015.

Or, if you’re lucky enough to have already picked up some new technology and you need help with setting it up, contact us today.

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