How to Change Your Keyboard in Windows 8

how-to-change-your-keyboard-in-windows-8 - Nov 2015Windows 8 was released in late October 2012, generating much hype for the new operating system. The Windows 8 design made it ideal for touch-screen input, and it included a Windows Store where one could purchase applications. In Windows 8, the standard keyboard, a QWERTY keyboard, was installed, but like with every operating system and almost every phone, there is a way to change this.

It is simple to add different keyboards layouts to your computer. To change the keyboard settings:

Swipe your finger in from the right side of the screen, then hit “Search.” (If you are using a mouse, bring the cursor to the upper right corner of your computer screen, move the cursor down, and click “Search.”) In the search box, click “Change how your keyboard works”, click “Settings”, then hit “Change how your keyboard works.”

Now you can select the kind of keyboard that best suit you:

Turn on Sticky Keys

When “Sticky Keys” is turned on, you will not have to press key combinations. For example, instead of pressing the Ctrl+V keys at the same time to paste something on another part of your screen, all keys can be pressed at the same time.

Turn on Mouse Keys

If you are unable to use a mouse, you have the option to turn on “Mouse Keys” so you will not need to use the mouse. You will be able to use the numeric keypad on the bottom right of your keypad or the keypad arrow keys to move the cursor.

Turn on Filter Keys

When “Filter Keys” is on, Windows will ignore when you unintentionally press a key for several seconds.


Turn on Toggle Keys

“Toggle Keys” will give you a notification every time the Scroll Lock, Caps Lock, orNum Lock keys are on. These notifications will help prevent you from turning these keys on by accident, forcing you to delete any typing that was done in the wrong format.

Windows 8 features a different layout and design than Windows 7 or earlier, but it is just as easy to use. Changing your keyboard in Windows 8 is simple with just a few steps to get you where you need to be.

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