5 Computer Maintenance Tips You Better Know


For many of us, our computer is an essential part of our lives. Whether it’s reading an email, writing an email, or sending an email, our computers give us endless possibilities by putting the world at our fingertips. Unfortunately, as with all technology, computers are prone to breaking down and getting slow over time. Background applications using up valuable RAM, malware and spyware gumming up the works, it can all take a toll. While some of us may choose to take our computer in to get serviced if this happens, the more astute of us will simply continue reading, to find out five tips to keep our computers running smoothly.

Clean and Organize Your Files

When looking at my parent’s computer the other day, I was remiss to find out that they actually had a desktop background of an old vacation picture. You wouldn’t know this, however, since the desktop is cluttered with so many icons and folders that it looks more like a game of Minesweeper than anything. Keeping a functioning computer may be as simple as just de-cluttering your files. Take the time to organize everything and delete any old files you don’t need.

Defragment Monthly

If you’re not familiar with defragmentation, the way it works is that, as your computer runs programs and does its thing, files will be opened, stored, and moved around like a college student trying to “Feng Shui” the bedroom. The result of all this file movement and reshuffling is that data becomes fragmented, as pieces of it are stored in various locations. Under your computer’s control panel or settings, you should find an option that says “defragment.” This process can take up to hours, depending on how infrequently you do it. However, if you do it monthly, like me, you should be ready in a short time.

Uninstall Unnecessary Programs

As I mentioned above, a big part of your computer’s lag can be unnecessary programs operating without your knowledge or approval. Go to your complete programs list, and uninstall anything that seems out of place or downright superfluous. The less software you have installed on your computer, the faster it will run.

Make Sure Your Software is Up to Date

Another issue that can lead to computer slowdown is out-of-date software. Most programs require updates to fix bugs and any other operational issues that occur, which will make them run much smoother and let you work on your computer much faster. Make sure to turn on updates and keep your operating system looking good.

Backup Your Files

The worst thing that can happen is that your computer is infected with a virus and has to be restored completely. Unless you want to lose all of your files, it’s best to back them up regularly. Also, if you keep backing everything up, then you can do a system restore to clean up any issues and make your computer faster, without risking losing anything important.


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