3 Best Ways To Protect Computer Security

When it comes to computer security, everyone is at risk. Your personal computer and smartphone security are more important than you realize. If you shop online, pay your bills, or do your banking online, your vitally important personal information is at risk of theft or misuse if you don’t secure your computer from malware and hackers. Here are the top three steps you need to take right away to make sure your data stays secure:

1. Computer Security starts with your Firewall

Firewalls are the first line of defense in computer security. They act as a gatekeeper, allowing good content in and keeping malicious software (malware) and unauthorized access attempts out of your internet connection. Your ISP usually has one pre-installed on the router they provide, but that won’t necessarily keep your computer safe. You should check out how to make sure your firewall is secure here, and there are numerous safe, no cost, and effective mobile firewall software programs.

2. Install and Regularly Use Anti-Virus Software

Computer viruses and malware are specifically designed to give an outside user access to your computer from a remote location.Users running Windows 10 are automatically protected by the pre-installed Security Essentials application that comes preinstalled with your operating system. Furthermore, there are many free programs available to scan and secure your computer from virus or malware attacks. There are also apps in the Apple Store and Google Play that will allow you to protect your mobile device. Make sure you set up automated scans at least once a week, and keep your software up to date to keep your information secure.

3. Keep Your Apps and Software Updated

Updating all your applications and the numerous programs you have installed on your computer can feel like a lot of work, but you can’t pass on updates. Many software and application companies regularly discover security vulnerabilities and security flaws in their programs, and they post updates to seal these leaks and protect you from data attacks. This is especially important if it is a Firmware Update or a new version of an app you use frequently or that has your saved credit card information.

Ultimately, your computer or mobile device’s security is up to you. Take the time to make sure your data is safe and that you are protected from viruses and other forms of data attack. If you are uncomfortable configuring these things yourself, be sure to set up an appointment with a qualified computer expert, and ensure that your computer isn’t giving away your most valuable information.

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