Workstation Management: What Can It Do For My Business?


Running a small or medium sized business makes a lot of demands on your time and attention. Do you have a network of computers that you use every day, but you aren’t in the information technology industry? If you are not regularly keeping your computer security measures up to date, your personal and financial data and any data that belongs to your clients is at the mercy of identity thieves. What should you do to keep this from happening rather than hire a full time IT professional? This is where workstation management services come in.

Workstation management services are like an on-call remote access IT specialist. Using existing technology built into most operating systems a technician can make sure your software on all the computer workstations in your business stay up to date and protected from outside attacks. Here is a short list of tasks and items that are typically handled by workstation management services:

Windows/Mac OS/MS Office Updates

All currently supported operating systems must be kept up to date in order to protect your systems from viruses, malware, and hackers. A workstation management service can remotely  login and access each computer system at your establishment over the internet and make sure that all current versions of operating systems and office software are up to date. Also, if you decide to upgrade your operating system or software in the future, your management service can more than likely handle all of that process for you as well.

Anti-Virus/Mal-Ware Monitoring and Removal

When one of your computers is infected with a virus or malware, the anti-virus software has to do a scan in order to find it and remove it. You will only know the bad code is present if you set up regularly scheduled scans and cleanup. A workstation management service can link up via internet with your anti-virus software, monitor all scans, and deal with infections. They can also keep tabs on all your computer’s “inoculations”, or preventative measures used by anti-virus software to keep malicious code and programs out of your system.

Day-to-Day Troubleshooting

Having trouble with your software or hardware? Call you workstation management service. They will log in to your computer and see what’s wrong.

Other Services

From disaster recovery services (fire/water damage to computers and computer memory storage) to upgrade consulting, remote workstation management services offer many products and packages to fit your business’ needs.

If you want to protect your business data and client’s data, but don’t want to break your budget in the process, consider a remote workstation management service. Make the call, and set up an appointment with a provider to make sure that you are getting the protection you need at the cost that’s right for you.




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