Laptop Repair: How We Can Help

Does your laptop run a little behind compared to when you bought it new? Does your screen dim or have lines running through it? Is your internet connection inconceivably slow? The experts at West County Computers can help. Today, WCC is talking about laptop repair and classic signs of a bad laptop.

Running Slow

Your laptop computer may run slow for many reasons. You might be using too many programs at once. Some newer programs simply run better on more advanced computers. If one program takes up a lot of operating power, it might slow down other programs. Technicians at West County Computers can perform a thorough audit of your laptop’s capabilities. Our trained staff can determine if you need to upgrade your software, get newer hardware or add on some small devices to make it run faster.

Sometimes, increasing your laptop’s performance is as simple as removing unnecessary programs, deleting any viruses or changing a few settings. Other times, you may need extra memory, a better operating system or a memory flash drive designed to get the most out of your computer. No matter what issues you have, we can help.

Dimming Screens or Power Issues

Let’s face it. You love to keep your laptop screen bright at all times, even when it’s on battery power, and you love watching the latest movies in HD quality. Eventually, your screen may dim simply because of age and a lot of use. If you accidentally drop your laptop, the screen may crack, start to have lines on it or even die completely. Our techs can replace any worn out hardware, such as a bad screen, in no time at all. Just bring your machine in and we’ll diagnose the problem while suggesting solutions.

Another common issue with laptops is power consumption. Power cords might wear out, and batteries have limited shelf lives after so many charges. We can fix those issues and recommend any replacement parts for your machine.

Speedy Internet

The internet has come a long way since dial-up modems with those annoying buzzing and bleeping sounds. Even so, your laptop’s wireless card might be too old, or your internet connection may face interruptions at your home. Our technicians can recommend firewall settings, virus scanning software and a ton of tools that keep your investment safe from malware coming from online sources. We can also figure out why you can’t view the latest cute kitten video on YouTube or how to watch the latest movie release from your favorite streaming service. Whether your laptop is for entertainment, school or work, we can repair just about anything either in our shop or in your home during a house call.

You get all of this and more at West County Computers. We offer monthly subscription services, computer tutoring, custom-built machines and a 30-day guarantee on everything we service and sell. Come see why we’re the computer experts. PCs aren’t just our business, they’re our pride and our passion. Get in touch with us today.



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