Computer Maintenance Checklist


Computer maintenance checklist, it can be a life saver.

Do you notice your computer running a bit slower lately? Does your internet connection seem to lag? Does it take longer for your computer to run games, save files or upload the latest movie from Netflix?

All of these issues could indicate symptoms that your computer needs some maintenance. It’s not necessarily something wrong with your computer, it’s just that you may have to tweak a few things to make your machine run more efficiently.

Discover this computer maintenance checklist for your PC.

(1) Update Windows

Windows downloads periodic updates to your computer. These updates include patches to the operating system, additional drivers for new devices, and security features to fight against malware and viruses. Updating Windows optimizes your operating system.

(2) Uninstall Programs You Don’t Use

Uninstall programs you don’t use so you save memory and processing time. This is especially true if you have a computer that’s several years old. That way, you have more room for newer programs and your processor doesn’t have to go through so much memory to find and save files.

(3) Run Weekly Scans for Viruses

Have your security software run a scan for viruses at least once per week. You can set an automatic time to do this, such as Sunday at midnight, when you’re not using your computer. Take any actions suggested by the security software.

(4) Clean Up Temporary Files

Your security software might have a temporary file cleaner attached to it. These temporary files include your internet cache and other saved files that you accrue. Cleaning out these files once per month saves memory on your hard drive, and it saves processing speed.

(5) Upgrade Your Operating System

When you take care of your PC, it can last for many years. Know that a new operating system may come out every two to three years, and eventually the creator of that operating system may stop updating previous versions of it. This makes your computer run more slowly because newer programs are optimized for the newer operating system. Consider upgrading to a newer operating system so your computer runs newer programs better.

(6) Back Up Your Data

In case there is a breach in your computer, it’s important to have a data backup. Create a backup file at least once per month and save it to a disk. In case your computer goes berserk, you can start over from a previously saved version that doesn’t have any malware on it.

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