What Computer Systems Does My Business Need?


Your business needs computers. If you’re a solo operation, you may be able to squeak by on one machine dedicated to your business purposes. But if you plan to add employees, electronic customer interfaces, or even a printer, you need to consider the type of computer system that your business will require for optimal operation and future success.

Computer systems are often not bundled together, and you’ll need to purchase each component separately. The good news is that you can customize your system to your exact needs and specifications. Additionally, you won’t need to invest everything up front and can make purchases one at a time to offset the total cost of your computer system.

Business Computers

Unless you’ve got a tiny operation that you run part-time from home, you need to invest in machines for yourself and any of your employees performing computer work. In our increasingly digital world, most or all of your employees are going to need reliable computer access throughout the course of their jobs.

Depending on your setup, different types of computers may serve you and your employees better. Here are your options:


  • Desktop computers – Desktop models are often the most inexpensive way to outfit an office with computers. They can be put at desks and are good for employees who need to spend their day entering data or performing complex technical tasks.
  • Laptop computers – Laptops add a level of mobility to your business’s computing. They are an ideal fit for employees who are frequently on the road or working off site. Laptops are typically more expensive and less powerful than their desktop counterparts.
  • Tablets – Tablets are touch screen devices that put computing power at your fingertips – literally. Tables are good for the warehouse setting and in customer facing computers, as they often offer a pared down OS and a simple interactive visual aesthetic to facilitate easy operation.
  • Smartphones – Smartphones are quickly replacing tablets as on-the-go computing devices. They are typically not super high powered, though they can perform many basic tasks for your business, without the heft or mobility challenges of a higher powered machine.


Other Devices

As your business grows, additional office equipment will need to be purchased. Electronic registers with touch screen interfaces, printers and many other computerized pieces of equipment will round out your computer system as you customize it you your specific business needs.

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