Safe Computer Network: Here’s What You Need


Having a safe computer network is essential, no matter if your at home or you’re a business.

Safe computing only goes as far as your home or office network allows it. Since you most likely transmit important data along your network, you want to ensure that this connection is as secure as possible to deter viruses and malicious activity.

Adjust your router

When you setup your network, take care to protect your router from outside attacks. Give it a unique name – don’t just use the one that your manufacturer set it as. Make your router name something that’s not easy to guess: for example, don’t use your last name or your street address.

Protect with passwords

Setting strong passwords along your network will also help to protect your computers and the information that you share on that network. Adjust your router password to make it something strong and practically impervious to outside attacks. Use a mixture of letters, numbers, and special characters to make this password airtight. And as always, don’t use your name or some other easily guessable combination.

While we’re on the topic of passwords, give your guests a separate password to use in order to protect your personal information. This password can be updated frequently without disrupting your family’ or employee’s regular access to the network and will keep valuable information from being shared by your guests.

Extra security measures

When you set your router up, you will have the option to set your level of security. If possible, choose WPA2 or WPA, both of which are stronger and more secure than the standard WEP option.

It’s also a good idea to install a firewall to protect your network from hackers and viruses. Not only does a firewall keep outside threats from breaching your network, it keeps important and valuable information inside and safe from distribution.

A good firewall will monitor your emails and incoming files to find suspicious requests or content. You can set your firewall to automatically block this content or to alert you to the possible misconduct of the sender so that you can screen your incoming content.

Having a safe and secure network will make your information and your computers safer and protect you from a variety of threats, from identity theft to a major security leak. You owe it to yourself, your family, and/or your employees to keep your network locked down against outside threats.

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