Top 3 Computer Maintenance Tools You Should Be Using

Regular computer maintenance lets you enjoy a fast running and functional computer for much longer than you might otherwise. If you stay on top of computer maintenance, you’ll be rewarded with a computer that doesn’t wear out and break as easily.

Today we’re going to look at the top three computer maintenance tools you should be using to get the most out your computer.

  1. Basic Hand Tools Specifically for Computer Assembly

Sometimes the best way to care for your computer is to partially disassemble it to take a physical look at one of your components or clean up some dust. To do this, you’ll want to have some basic hand tools that are designed specifically for computer assembly and dis-assembly.

You can find hand tool kits that are made especially for computer maintenance. Generally, these kits contain screwdrivers, small utility knives, narrow pliers and even little magnetic strips that hold on to tiny screws while you work on another part of the computer.

While you’re at it, add some foam tipped swabs and plastic or rubber spudgers to your computer toolkit so that you can move and clean small pieces without trying to get your fingers into a tiny crevice. Always keep your hand tool kit near your workstation so that you can address problems as they come up or perform cleaning at regular intervals.

  1. Malware Scanner and Remover

One of the biggest problems that you can run into during the life of your computer is a hack, computer virus or malware attack. In addition to a strong security program and firewall, you should also install a malware scanner and remover on your device.

A malware scanner and remover will periodically check your machine for malware and remove it without you having to manually go through this process. This proactive measure will keep your computer running smoothly.

  1. Disk Space Analysis

Another onboard program that you’ll want to consider is a disk space analyzer. This program will read your disk and tell you how much space is used, including what programs are using the most space.

If you need some more assistance with your computer maintenance or have a problem that’s a little too big to address at home, contact us at West County Computers for a computer health check today.

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