Do You Need Routine Maintenance for Your Home Computer?

Computers are pretty extraordinary machines. They can hold a ton of data and provide a world of information at your fingertips. But they aren’t invincible and even the best computers require routine maintenance to continue performing well.


We’ve spoken before about the reasons why computer maintenance is important. Luckily, computer maintenance is pretty easy. If performed at least once per month, can help detect issues early on and prevent damage to your machine or operating system. Here are some items to focus on when performing computer maintenance:


Sweep Hard Drive


Over the years of downloading programs and saving files, your hard drive can accumulate a lot of unnecessary items. To keep your computer running at optimum efficiency, it’s a good idea to take some time and review all the programs and files on your computer. Sweep through and determine which programs are useful and which one’s you can afford to delete.


Cleaning your hard drive is also the perfect opportunity to back up your programs and install important files on an external drive. This will help clear space on your computer and keep your important information safe.


Clean Computer


Now that you have the hard drive cleared and cleaned up, it’s time to focus on the machine itself. Just like an organized office makes for an efficient work environment, keeping your computer clean will allow you to focus more easily without having to worry about dust or germs getting in the way. And it’s good for the computer too.


Too much dust could get into the motor and cause your computer to overheat more quickly or slow down your operating systems. Dusting is relatively easy – all you need is a duster or microfiber cloth for the outside of the machine and you can use a can of compressed air to get into the tough spots, like your vents or external ports.



Software Updates


Routine software updates are an easy way to address security issues and help your computer run more efficiently. Often, you have the option to update your software when the new versions become available (that’s what all those random pop ups on your screen are usually for).


Just waiting on those pop ups may be tempting, but it’s better to plan an update on a monthly basis. There may have been some updates that you missed or exited out of and forgotten. It also may be more convenient to take care of all your software updates at once. Try to select a time that works better for you, rather than having to restart your computer in the middle of a project.


Routine maintenance can save your computer and help it last years if done correctly. If you’re savvy with computers, a monthly maintenance program can be a relatively simple task. But for users who may not be comfortable performing their own check ups, you can always use a reputable program, like West County Computers’ preventative maintenance program. Our program is designed to monitor your computer and keep your protection up to date.


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