Protect Your Network with SonicWall

Is your internet network protected from viruses, hackers and other unwanted traffic? If not, your personal and/or professional data could be at risk. Don’t leave your home internet or business network unprotected. Ensure your digital safety with SonicWall.


Keep reading and learn more about SonicWall. Find out what it does and why you need it to protect your computer. If you have any more questions, or need help securing your network with Sonicwall, please contact us.


What is SonicWall?


SonicWall is the next generation of security tools for the PC. Developed by a division of Dell, SonicWall offers several products and services to protect your network. Some of them are:


FireWalls: Entry level, mid-range and high end barriers between your network and the rest of the internet. These products can scale with the amount of data your network processes. Firewalls can catch threats in real time, monitor routine internet operations and spot unusual traffic.


Advanced Threat Protection: This cloud-based system is a unique solution that anticipates threats before they happen. ATP diagnoses threats at the highest level and provides your network administrator with real-time security notifications. Use this line of protection to guard yourself from Ransomware or corporate espionage.


Remote Access: Safely access your network and all your data wherever you go, without compromising security. SonicWall products and security services can be custom fit to the needs of your remote network.


Why Does My Network Need SonicWall?


Without the protection of SonicWall security utilities, your computer could be vulnerable to all kinds of digital threats. These could include:


AdWare: Annoying pop-ups that you can’t control. These interfere with your computer’s usability and may try to steal your personal information.


Phishing: Deceptive programs and viruses designed to trick a user into volunteering their data.


Hacking: Other computers might connect to your private internet network or even your computer. Would you want a stranger poking around your files?


Viruses: Programs that can cause your computer to act erratically or even cease to work altogether.


Protect Your Network with West County Computers


Get SonicWall security tools installed on your network today. It’s a necessary and reliable form of internet security.


Want to make sure your machine is optimized for performance and safety? Contact the professionals at West County Computers. We can help you get your Sonicwall tools installed and online.


Check out the services we have available for you. For more articles like this one, check out the West County Computers blog. Thanks for reading – feel free to call or email us anytime.

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