What are the best AI Assistant Apps out there?

It goes without saying that smart devices have become intertwined into the fabric of human existence. The competition is heating up because each and every day, a new app seems to spring up to make life easier. For now, we will focus on the biggest boys one the block which are:

Siri (Apple)

Cortana (Microsoft)

Alexa (Amazon)

Bixby (Samsung)

Google Assistant


Each app is great for organizational tasks such as reminders, However, voice recognition can still be a problem as your device learns how the owner speaks and the nuances of language. For example, telling your assistant to set a reminder to buy donuts for your team on Friday morning will be done with ease by all apps 100% of the time. Unfortunately, telling your assistant to cancel that same reminder may end up leaving you so frustrated that you end up going in to cancel it yourself. By hand.


Another plus with all apps is that they seem to be able to access and work with all calendars with one exception. Cortana does not seem to like Apple Calendars and vice versa. For everyone else that is great news. Transitioning from Android to iOS will not force you to rearrange the entire way that you do business.


Some other apps that are simply outstanding at giving you what you need for productivity


Hound. Free for Android and iOS


Arguably the best app on the market. For accuracy and recognition of your natural speech patterns.



Free on Android and iOS


This dandy sweetheart puts all of your productivity tools in one app for greater efficiency.


Lyra Virtual Assistant

Free on Android or iOS


If you are a Lord of the Rings fan, think “One Personal Assistant to Rule them All.”


Free on Android and iOS


This app is the ultimate in email management. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to those important emails left unanswered for days.


Integrating one or several of these productivity apps into your company workflow is one simple step away. Contact West County Computers and request one of our IT consultants. We will be glad to demonstrate how to streamline your business and eliminate inefficiency. Increase productivity, and .hack your way into higher profitability.


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