The Future Of Smart Technology In The Home

future of smart technology in home

Whenever we think of futuristic homes, Iron Man comes to mind, specifically Tony Stark’s pad.

A mansion where technologically integration has new meaning, this type of home is any techie’s dream, and Stark’s personal A.I. assistant JARVIS is the perfect representation of what we want AI technology to become.

However, this ideal home isn’t that far from reality. Technological advances in recent years are beginning to change our homes for the better, and we’ve picked some of the most exciting trends to look out for right now.

Here’s how the future of smart technology in the home looks like:

Smartphone Integration

Soon enough, you’ll be able to control almost everything in your home with a touch of a button from your smartphone. You will be able to adjust the thermostat from work, check if you’ve left the lights on while you’re away, and even lock your door from the driveway.

Smart Cooking

If you’re frustrated because your cooking skills are lackluster, there might still be hope for you. Smart kitchen appliances will enable you to control the cooking process so that you won’t have to wing it anymore. They might not help you become the world’s greatest chef, but they’ll certainly improve the food you serve your family.


Don’t panic; we’re not pointing towards a robot apocalypse. But robots will become the norm in any household. They will function as personal assistants that can help you clean the house or even perform easy tasks like taking out the trash.

Better Voice Control

AI assistants like Siri or Alexa are already gaining ground,  but in the next years the technology will significantly improve and become part of our daily lives. Imagine for a second:in a few years you could be talking to almost all appliances in your house, and nobody’s going to think you’re crazy.

Increased Security

Technology isn’t only going to make our lives more accessible than ever before; it will also have the potential to make our homes a lot safer too. Surveillance equipment will become more and more accessible, enabling homeowners to monitor their homes from anywhere.

The Future Is Now

The future of smart technology in the home surely looks promising. A lot of these advancements are present even now, though it’s fair to say they’re not that accessible yet. But they will be soon enough.

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