Do you feel like you are constantly charging your devices? Here are some great wireless charging devices coming in 2019.

great wireless charging devices for 2019

We can all certainly attest at how annoying it is to have your phone tethered to a phone charger. Trying to run cords around our office spaces and bedside tables not only clutters an area but looks awful too. We have found some of the best wireless chargers on the market, compiled by user reviews, and have chosen some top picks in various categories.


Best iPhone Wireless Charger


The iPhone is a signature piece of technology and chances are you are ready to have a wireless charger that compliments it. The Anker Fast Wireless Charger is a favorite by consumers for both function and design.




  • 10% faster iPhone charge than other wireless chargers
  • Charge in landscape or profile positions
  • Charge your iPhone with the case still on
  • 18-Month warranty
  • Doesn’t break the bank at – $19.99


Best Samsung Wireless Charger


Samsung makes some of the most advanced phones on the planet, so it’s no surprise that they also make a superior wireless phone charger. The Qi Certified Fast Charge Wireless Charger can be used with Qi-compatible devices and features a rounded progressive design.




  • Use your device while it charges
  • LED multi-color light to indicate charging status
  • Offered in black, blue and white
  • Has 1-year warranty
  • Retails on Amazon at – $38.90


Best Budget Wireless Charger


When new tech arrives on the market, it typically costs you a pretty penny to obtain it. For those looking to go wireless on a budget, we find the Yootech Wireless Charger a fantastic option. This charger not only gets the charging done efficiently but also features a wide charge area which means you won’t fiddle with finding the precise charging spot.




  • Auto shut off when too much heat is detected
  • Works with 4mm rubber or plastic phone cases
  • Charge in portrait or landscape positions
  • Has three charge modes depending on what device you use
  • Money back/replacement lifetime warranty – $18.99

Best Overall Wireless Charger


Those that have purchased the CHEOTECH Fast Charging Charger Stand say it offers a surprisingly fast charge and that they would likely buy another for work/home. This stand provides many features which make it a total package.




  • Works with all Qi-compatible phones
  • Offers a slip-proof design for stable charging
  • 2-coil charging area so the phone can charge in portrait and landscape positions
  • Comes in 6 colors
  • A purchase comes with an 18-month warranty – $19.99


We know that wireless charging is the future for your device whether you’re at home or at work. Hopefully, this snapshot into some of our favorites offers you some insight so you can transition from the irritating corded world to a sleek ‘grab and go’ future.

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