5 Forgotten Cybersecurity Threats in the Office

cybersecurity threats

Cybersecurity is essential in the workplace. More offices are being hacked daily. Instead of leaving your business open to chance, here are some essential cybersecurity threats that you should take seriously.

Bad Passwords

Employees usually like to pick passwords that are easy to remember, but they can choose passwords that are way too easy to crack. The longer the passwords are, and the more combinations of letters and numbers that are present, the more secure these passwords will be.

Maintaining Updates

People get annoyed by those constant pop-ups, requesting that software be updated. All it takes is a click for the message to go away and for the backdoor to be opened to any hacking attempt. Software updates are made regularly to increase security, so ignoring them is not the best idea. To save time, you can always set your computers to auto-update when new updates are released.

Insecure Personal Devices

People are checking their emails and work accounts from their personal devices. This concept may seem like a great way to stay on top of tasks, but smartphones are not as secure as the computers in your office. Consider stronger measures like adding company-wide antivirus software to all devices that are being used within the workplace.

Poor Training

You can’t be protected if you’re not providing your employees with the training they need to know what they should and shouldn’t be doing. Providing a training regime on cybersecurity and the measures that are taken to prevent any type of cybersecurity breach is crucial to get your staff on the same page.

Stay Away from Phishing Scams

It’s easy enough to click on any attachment in an email, thinking that it’s from a reputable source but people on the Internet don’t care about hurting your business. All they care about is making as much money as possible before moving on to the next target.

To avoid phishing scams, here are three important things to look out for:

  • The Email Address: it may be similar to someone you know, so check it properly. If you don’t recognize it, don’t open it.
  • Greeting: look at the first line of the email to see if it sounds strange.
  • Contents: don’t click on any present links, then delete it.

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