Understanding The Importance Of Preventive Maintenance In Computer Systems

preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance is something that’s often overlooked in computers. But, just like changing the oil and rotating the tires of your car, caring for your computer properly will ensure a long lifespan – and top-notch performance. Here are just a few of the reasons that preventive maintenance is so important for computer systems.


  1. Prevent Data Loss


If you don’t maintain your computer by checking the health of your hard disk or making backups, you could risk sudden data loss of absolutely critical data. Whether it’s a business document or a precious family photo album, regular backups of data are critical for protecting your data.


Remember, as the old IT adage says. “There are only two types of hard drives. Hard drives that already have failed, and hard are going to fail.” Back up your data regularly, or you risk losing it forever!


  1. Ensure Better Overall Performance


Doing basic things like checking what programs run on start-up, looking for malware, and removing unused programs will help your computer function more effectively, and keep it from slowing down. Think of this like a “tune-up” on a car, that helps your computer perform more reliably.


  1. Fix Security Vulnerabilities


One of the most important parts of computer maintenance is updating your operating system, and the programs you use, like your web browser. This helps fix security vulnerabilities, which could be exploited by hackers to place malware or viruses on your computer. Malware and viruses can slow down your system, and even steal your personal data, like banking information.


  1. Get A Longer Lifespan From Your Computer


Keeping your system updated and backed up, protected from malware, and free of unnecessary files, folders and programs helps you get better performance, and a longer overall lifespan.


In addition, doing things like cleaning the keyboard and screen and spraying dust out of the fan can help keep the physical components of the computer in better shape, and prolong its lifespan – saving you money.


  1. Free Up More Data Storage


Running out of storage is always a problem on computers, so consider doing periodic backups, and removing unnecessary files from your computer. This will free up more data storage, and give you more storage for your important files and documents.


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