How to Properly Maintain a Server Room

How to Properly Maintain a Server Room in Santa Rosa CA

Many businesses decide to outsource their server rooms, but some of them prefer the security of having the server room on-site. If you have the resources and capacity to host the server room in your business headquarters, you will have the advantage of total control over how it’s structured and how it works.

But server rooms do require maintenance to function at their best parameters, and you will have to be on the lookout for any malfunctions. Let’s see what it should be done in a server room’s basic maintenance.


Place It in a Protected Area of the Building

Ideally, the server room should be placed in a low-traffic area, and not have exterior walls or windows. You should make it impossible to get into by unauthorized staff, by installing secured locks and cameras to monitor the traffic.

Keep the Environment in Control

As mentioned, the server room shouldn’t be in a room with exterior walls or windows, because extreme weather could affect the temperature inside the room. Servers need the right temperature range and humidity level to function perfectly: 64.4 to 80.6 ℉ and 40-55% humidity.

Organize the Cords

In a room full of electronic equipment as big as furniture, keeping the cables organized is crucial. Just imagine having to remove one server from a mass of tangled cables. Keep the cords short, tie them together, use color-coded labels, etc. Not only will this help you reorganize when needed, but it can also prevent hazards.

Dust Is Your Enemy

Dust is one of the main causes of shortened life-span of your equipment. Our strong recommendation is to use industrial cleaning equipment for this task, like powerful vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, pressurized air blowers, etc. If this sounds like too much of a hassle to do yourself, you can hire a professional company to manager your server and server room. Ideally, you would use the same tech company to handle desktop maintenance and server maintenance.

As you can see, it only takes some monitoring and organizing to keep a server room properly maintained, but it is important to do it regularly and never ignore this aspect. A poorly maintained server room will not only cost more energy, but it can ruin the equipment and potentially make you lose important data. Invest in a good server maintenance service to protect your business and prevent cyber attacks and machine failure.

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