5 Ways to Keep Your Company’s IT Systems Secure

5 Ways to Keep Your Company's IT Systems Secure

Looking for simple ways to keep your IT systems secure at your small business? Here are a few methods that will help enhance your cybersecurity, and resilience against hacking and malware.


  1. Train Your Employees To Recognize Phishing
    Phishing, which usually uses an email to send an attachment that’s infected with a virus and tricks an employee into opening it and infecting your systems, is the most common cause of data loss. 70% of cyber attacks involve phishing.However, you can train employees to avoid it, and even take steps like blocking emails from unknown sources, and prevent your systems from being infected by malware from phishing.


  1. Install Antivirus And Malware Detection Software On Every Computer
    Your second line of defense should be antivirus and malware detection software on each employee’s computer. This ensures that even if malware or a virus gets onto a computer, it can be isolated and dealt with appropriately.


  1. Require Strong Passwords With Regular Changes
    You should require your employees to use strong passwords that are at least 10 characters long, and use a combination of uppercase, lowercase, special (!, @, #, $, etc.) and numeric characters. In addition, requiring password changes every 3 months helps enhance security.


  1. Follow The Principle Of Least Privilege (POLP)
    The Principle of Least Privilege states that each user should have access to only the privileges they need to do their jobs. For example, there is no reason for a user who is not involved with IT to have access to email systems.This helps reduce risk at your company. If only a few people – who actually need them – high-level IT privileges, the risk of serious vulnerabilities throughout your systems will be lessened dramatically.


  1. Update All Software, Operating Systems & Servers Regularly
    Never put off any updates for any reason. All IT systems, servers, individual computers, software, and other such systems need to be updated as soon as updates are available. Updating and patching these systems regularly protects you from security vulnerabilities.


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