How to Protect Remote Workers From Cyber Threats

How to Protect Remote Workers From Cyber Threats

Moving to a remote work environment can be stressful for you and your employees. But protecting them from cyber threats doesn’t have to be. In this blog from West County Computers, we’ll take a look at a few of the simplest ways you can protect your remote workers from common cyber threats.


Install Antivirus, Firewall, And Antimalware Tools On Work Computers

First and foremost, it’s important to make sure that your employees all have updated and modern antivirus, firewall, and antimalware software on their work computers. When they’re working from home, you and your IT team have less control over what they’re doing, what websites they visit, and how they use their work computers. That means that strong virus and malware protection is essential – both for the good of your employees, and for the security of your private data.


Ensure Corporate & Personal Data Are Kept Separate

You should make sure that your employees have work computers that are fast, well-maintained, and appropriate for their tasks, and you should discourage the use of personal computers for work tasks.

Keeping work data and personal data separate will protect your corporate data, and will also protect the personal information of your employees, so make sure you consider policies you can implement to enforce the separation of personal and work-related data while your employees work remotely.


Invest In Training To Keep Your Employees Working Safely

When it comes to cyber threats in your business, your workers are always the weakest link. About 90% of hacks and cybersecurity issues are caused by human error, which means that the very best way to protect your remote workers from cyber threats is to invest in proper IT training. Among other things, your employee should be trained on things like:

  • Recognizing phishing emails
  • Best practices for IT hygiene while working remotely
  • Physical security best practices for computers, phones, flash drives, etc. used for corporate tasks
  • Processes & procedures for accomplishing daily tasks remotely, such as using a VPN to access your business networks

Know How To Protect Your Employees & Your Data While Working Remotely

Installing the proper software, keeping workplace and personal data separate, and training your employees to recognize common threats and cyber security issues are all essential for their protection. Need help protecting your employees while they work remotely? At West County Computers, we can help! Contact us now to learn more about our computer security services.


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