Why Is Cyber Security Important For Small Businesses?

Why Is Cyber Security Important For Small Businesses

Cyber security at your small business is more important than you may think. Not sure why you should invest in cyber security services from West County Computers? Let’s take a look at a few of the reasons that cyber security is critical for small businesses of all types.


  1. The Average Cost Of A Small Business Cyber-Attack Is $200K
    43% of all cyber-attacks are conducted on small businesses – and according to insurance carrier Hiscox, these incidents cost about $200,000 to resolve. If your company is targeted by a cyber-attack, the resulting data loss could cripple your revenue.

    From identity theft to the theft of your customer’s credit card information, penalties from regulators if your data is stolen, and other costs, you will suffer huge losses if you are the target of a major cyber attack.

    Further still, it’s been found that 60% of the businesses that suffered these serious breaches went out of business within 6 months. To protect your business, you need to have a plan to defend your data.


  1. 6 In 10 Small Business Owners Have No Digital Defense Plan
    According to a Keeper Security study, 60% of surveyed business owners said that they have “no cyberattack prevention plan,” and only 9% of businesses ranked cybersecurity as a top priority.

    Cyber security at your small business doesn’t just keep you safe – it puts you ahead of the pack. Chances are, many of your competitors won’t invest in securing their digital data. So in the rare case of a data breach, you’ll be protected, and they won’t be.


  1. Proper Security Protects Your Reputation And Your Brand
    Imagine if you run a business and your customer’s credit card information is stolen and used to make fraudulent purchases. Even when they get refunds for these purchases and the situation is resolved, the damage to your brand and reputation would be permanent. You could lose these customers for life.

    It may be intangible, but your brand’s reputation is essential – particularly if you run a small local business. Being the victim of a serious cyber-attack could result in losing the trust of your customers, and a permanent black mark on your company’s reputation.


Invest In Your Company’s Safety With West County Computers!

Need help with cyber security for your small business? At West County Computers, we can help you understand the basics, and take steps to protect your data and information from hackers and other malicious actors. Contact us online or give us a call at 707-360-8652 to get started.

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