How To Build A Computer Network For Your Small Business

How To Build A Computer Network For Your Small Business

Building a computer network for a business is different from setting one up for your home. The network infrastructure is essentially the backbone of all your business operations. Every digital asset you have, from applications to documents must be supported or built into your computer network.

Additionally, a lot of the support for this process revolves around large companies (enterprises) that have thousands of users that need access to the network, but a smaller business doesn’t have quite such demanding needs from the network.

Here are some steps to successfully build a computer network for your small business:


  1. Analyze Your Business

    First, it’s important to have a better view of your business operations and what network size you may need to effectively carry out your activities. ‘Small business’ can mean different things for different people, so take the time to closely consider where your network fits into your operations.


  1. Look for the Hardware

    Once you know more about what network size you need, you can make better decisions regarding the right hardware. Usually, a small business will need the following tools to set up a decent computer network:

  • A router to connect multiple networks simultaneously
  • A firewall to protect against threats
  • A switch to connect different devices, such as printers and servers
  • A physical server that will centrally store your data (virtual servers are also an option)
  • Other devices that will enable using the network (computers, tablets, laptops, smartphones, etc.)


  1. Get the Right Software

    Apart from the software you need to run your business operations, such as an accounting program, it’s important to look for software that will increase the security of your network.

    Since it’s designed for your small business, a lot of sensitive information will go through it, and you want to make sure you have the right protection to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

    Cybersecurity is a huge priority for a lot of businesses since these threats are one of the main reasons for a lot of financial loss.


Can West County Computers Help?

If you want to ensure your computer networks are properly set up and protected, West County Computers can step in and optimize your network. Reach out online or call our office at 707-360-8652 for a complimentary assessment of your business’ computer network.


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