4 Signs You Need a New IT Managed Services Provider

4 Signs you need a new IT Managed Services Provider

Businesses with increasing IT demands have found a way to stay on top of these demands cost-effectively: outsourcing.

However, not all IT-managed service providers are created equal, and some tend to be more hands-off than others. If you are now paying for these services, here are 4 signs you might want to take your business somewhere else:


  1. Your Staff Is Still Overwhelmed

    The IT world is constantly changing, and that can be difficult to effectively manage when your IT department is short-staffed. The point of an IT-managed service provider is to take away some of the tasks of your internal staff.

    But, if your internal staff is still overwhelmed, and things aren’t getting done, your new service provider might not be giving your business the attention it needs!


  1. Your Growth Opportunities Are Cut Short

    The IT-managed service provider should have in view the future of your business and effectively plan for growth. It’s not just current needs that must be addressed, but also ways to scale your operations seamlessly.

    If your service provider doesn’t support your growth needs, it means they are only focused on the present.


  1. You Need to Tell Your Service Provider Something Isn’t Working

    IT service providers should also perform routine assessments of your systems to spot whenever something isn’t working properly or a piece of software needs an update.

    Businesses should not have to always have to signal these issues to the provider. If that’s the situation you are in, then your provider isn’t properly handling the needs of your IT systems!


  1. Your Security Still Isn’t What It Needs to Be

    The number of security threats businesses face is increasing every single day. It’s not just hackers or people from the outside trying to get in, but the potential for leaks can come from problems with your security systems as well.

    If the IT managed service provider does not improve the security of your business assets, then you should seriously consider shopping for a better alternative!


West County Computers’ Way to Improve Your IT Systems

If you’re looking for a new IT managed service provider who can effectively handle your IT systems, West County Computers is here to assist you. Contact us online or call us at 707-360-8652 for a free consultation.

Before you do, we also recommend you try our free IT risk assessment to learn more about your current systems.


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