What Does a Server Do for Your Small Business?

What Does a Server Do for Your Small Business

In its simplest definition, a server is a type of software that functions as the brain of your business. Servers facilitate data exchanges—they are centers to store and access data. Essentially, your business relies on several factors like having the proper inventory, hiring the best team, and having the right partners for its success.

All these aspects require effective integration of information to ensure each department is running correctly. As such, installing a server can benefit your small business in many ways, including:

File Sharing and Security

A server can provide your small business with file access controls. Individual departments can store confidential documents, exchange information, permit read-only on specific documents, request edit of some documents, and other essential functions.

For instance, the accounting staff may only require access to the financial folder, not the sales or management folder. Introducing a server can help manage all these functions efficiently. That said, a server can be connected wirelessly or hardwired directly to your business’s network, based on your preference.

Whatever option you prefer, experts from West County Computers can help install your server professionally.

Centralized Backups

Anyone who has lost essential files, whether through hard drive failure, malware infection, or system crash, knows the pain of losing what you can’t recover. The most important reason for data backup is to have a secure place for classified documents for your company and other vital information.

With a properly installed and tested backup, you can efficiently protect your business files and prevent potential data loss. A great way to achieve this is by introducing a server to your business. At West County Computers, we do not just install servers; we provide 24/7/365 monitoring to ensure your IT infrastructure runs smoothly.

Proper Virus Management System

The most common threat facing your computers is virus infection. This demonstrates the importance of deploying an anti-virus system. Having a small business server is an excellent way to manage possible virus infections. Our technicians will integrate the anti-virus program from a single computer to every computer connected to your network to detect and eliminate all viruses.

Need an Expert to Integrate a Server into Your Small Company? We Can Help

If you’re interested in installing a server in your business or need help with your existing one, West County Computers is here to help. As a certified consultancy company, we offer a full range of computers services, including server installation and maintenance. Complete our online contact form or call us at 707-360-8652 and let us know all your server needs. Also, don’t hesitate to book a free IT risk assessment.

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