Why Small Businesses Need Backup and Disaster Recovery Protection

Why Small Businesses Need Backup and Disaster Recovery Protection

Businesses nowadays rely on data to function. Whether it’s customer data to ensure a smooth customer journey or internal data that helps your operations, a sudden data loss represents a significant threat to any organization. And, while 68% of businesses are aware of the cybersecurity dangers out there, when it comes to disaster recovery protection, a lot of them are massively underprepared.

So, here’s why you need a backup and disaster recovery plan.


Understanding What a Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan Is

Backup and disaster recovery (BDR) refers to a set of procedures that will ensure your businesses can still be functional in case of data loss because of natural disasters or technical malfunctions. A BDR can help organizations reduce downtime to only a few hours or days and save enormously on lost productivity or data losses due to security breaches, for example.


Why You Need Backup and Disaster Recovery Protection – 5 Reasons


Protection Against Natural Disasters

Nature can be unpredictable and a massive storm, earthquake, or fire can affect your business. If your data is also lost during the calamity, getting back on your feet can be even harder as you will practically have to start from zero. With a disaster recovery plan in place, you can ensure that the most essential information related to your business is safe.


Hardware Malfunctions

There are many reasons why your hardware could fail or malfunction, such as sudden power surges. While there are some ways to ensure that your hardware is safe, such as power surge protectors or cooling systems, your data can still be affected. By regularly backing it up, you make sure both your data and business stay safe.



One study found that over 43% of cyberattacks target small and medium businesses. Unfortunately, only 14% of them are prepared to face an attack. With disaster recovery protection and a strong backup plan, you can take your faith into your own hands in case of a ransomware attack or virus.


Human Error

With technology evolving at a fast pace, your employees also need to keep up. While training courses can help them stay up to date, they can only do so much. We are humans, after all, and even with all the training in the world, your employees could still accidentally delete an important file or turn off the wrong switch. With a backup and recovery plan in place, you ensure this event will be just a minor nuisance and not a major ordeal for your business.


We’re Here to Help Protect Your Business Networks

Most businesses don’t have a backup plan and disaster recovery protection because setting them is a hassle. But, at West County Computers, we can make things easier for you.

Request a free IT risk assessment, or give us a call at 707-360-8652, to see what your business needs to stay safe and thrive.


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