Do Small Businesses Need Cyber Security?

Do Small Businesses Need Cyber Security

If you’re a small business owner, you are no stranger to the headlines about how cybersecurity threats are on the rise, and how businesses are extremely vulnerable to such tactics. However, if you look below the headlines, you’ll see that in most cases, the ‘victims’ of cyber attacks are most often huge companies that stand to lose millions from these occurrences.

So it’s easy to assume that as a small business owner, the threat might not be so pressing for your case.

Unfortunately, this is not the case.


Why Your Business Still Needs to Focus on Cyber Security

Even if you don’t think attackers might find your business valuable enough to attack, you have a lot of assets worth their effort:

  • Data – Even small businesses can handle a lot of data on a daily basis. Some of this data can be quite valuable, such as the credit card information of your customers, the Social Security numbers of your staff, and more. And, there are a lot of buyers waiting for this sort of information out there;
  • Partners – Hackers might attack you in order to get to someone you collaborate with. Today’s business landscape is highly connected across the board, and breaching your company can open the door to ‘bigger’ players;
  • Computers – Your company may be hacked just for its computers. As a result, hackers might not try to steal information from you per se, but they can infect your computers to help them reach their goals, such as generating large amounts of traffic to disrupt services. The worst part is a lot of owners might not even be aware this is happening to them;
  • Money – Hackers don’t target companies just for the fun of it. They seek a profit, and while your small business might not be generating the revenue of Amazon or Google, money is money;
  • Mistakes – Cyber security isn’t just about not letting outside hackers get in. A lot of breaches can happen because of human error, such as an employee accidentally sharing company information.


Improving Your Cyber Security

If you need to enhance your cyber security efforts, the team at West County Computers is ready to help. We specialize in helping small business owners protect their assets from cyber attacks.

Get a free IT risk assessment with our online tool now, and reach out to the West County Computers team online, or call us at 707-360-8652, today for more information on our services.


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