Why is Network Security Important for Small Businesses?

Why is Network Security Important for Small Businesses

It can be tempting to think only Fortune 500 companies or Multinational Corporations are prone to data breaches. While these large enterprises make headlines, mid-sized and small businesses are also impacted significantly. These businesses are at a higher risk since their information is easier to access, and they don’t have the resources to track the malicious parties.

Here are reasons why you should invest in network security for your small business:

Protects Networks and Computers from Malicious Attacks

There were about 80,000 cyber attacks every day in 2018, and 61% of these attacks targeted small businesses with less than 1000 employees. Without network security measures, the statistics might be higher.

You can protect your IT equipment and networks by updating software like anti-malware and anti-virus applications. Investing in firewalls also enables organizations to prevent cyberattacks. These measures are cost-effective and can fit into any small enterprise’s budget.

Backing Crucial Information

Detecting and preventing cyber-attacks early saves entrepreneurs from a lot of headaches. However, a cyber-attack may still happen despite these efforts. In such a situation, critical data should not be lost, or if it is lost, it should be recoverable.

If your company relies on the data for most operations, backing up crucial data in a secure place is ideal. The capability to restore data helps to ensure business continuity and reduce downtime even after a cyber attack.

Controls Access to Data and IT Equipment

Different employees have different responsibilities and roles within the organization. Some may require access to crucial information while others do not. It is a good network security practice to ensure that only permitted employees access specific files or resources.

A great way to limit access to only authorized personnel is setting user accounts, access rights, and passwords depending on the positions and roles of employees.

Securing Wireless Networks

Small businesses rely on Wi-Fi to connect mobile devices and computers to their network. However, malicious parties can use Wi-Fi to breach the system and access the network. An easy solution to prevent security vulnerability is to create strong encryption or passwords.

If you’re strictly using the data for business operations, you may have to hide your wireless network by restricting the access point or router from broadcasting the Wi-Fi name.

Familiarizing Employees with Highest Security Standards

Human beings are the weakest link in cyber security threats. Without proper training, employees are more likely to give in to cyber threats. For instance, untrained employees may be tricked into giving critical information to a culprit disguised as a person the victim knows in a phishing scheme.

Cyber security facilitates the training of employees to make them less susceptible to cyber-attacks. This way, the employees will be part of the cyber security solution.

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