4 Critical Mistakes Small Businesses Make in Cyber Security

4 Critical Mistakes Small Businesses Make in Cyber Security

The internet has changed the business world as we know it. While most businesses will profit from being online, a lot of them still aren’t aware of the risk cyber threats pose.

According to a recent IBM report, the average cost of a cyber attack in 2020 was as high as $3.4 million. Moreover, it can take businesses up to 200 days to recover from that attack. The average cost of ransomware has also increased in 2020 to $200,000 compared to $5,000 in 2018.

So, why are small businesses prone to cyber-attacks? Here are four mistakes that they are probably making:


Not Training Your Employees

It’s been shown that employees are usually the biggest vulnerability a company faces when it comes to cyber threats. In addition to training your employees to identify potential threats like phishing scams, unsecured links, and malware attacks, make sure that the protocol you have in place is actually followed by everyone within the company. You can even go one step further and set protocols for which employees can access certain sensitive information.


Not Opting for Multi-Layer Protection

Another critical mistake small businesses make is thinking that their antivirus software is enough to protect them from a cyber attack. While it may be good enough for a personal computer, in the case of an enterprise, you need a multi-layer approach to fight cyber attacks and keep your assets safe.


Not Backing Up Your Systems

A lot of small businesses rely on the premise that a cyber attack is unlikely as they are too small to be targeted by cybercriminals. This mindset is precisely what makes them such easy targets.

Make sure that your employees are properly trained and that you have the right protection to keep your assets safe. But, always assume that something could happen and constantly back up your systems. That way, if an attack does happen, it won’t take you too long to recover from it.


Not Knowing What to Do In Case of a Cyber Attack

Not knowing how to quickly and effectively respond to a cyber attack can cost your small business a lot. Have a clear plan and flow response planning prepared. Review it and update it with your It team regularly so that everyone knows what they need to do and how to react to minimize the effects of an attack.


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