What are Three Examples of Common Server Maintenance?

What are Three Examples of Common Server Maintenance

In the digital era, servers are an essential part of daily operations in a business. They run on their own, so assuming their functionality can be easy. However, neglecting servers can cause costly issues like system failures.

Your organization’s server helps store, manage and process a lot of data daily. To get the most out of your servers, it is essential to consider performing regular digital and physical maintenance.

Here are examples of three server maintenance tasks to keep your system running efficiently:

New Update Installation

Installing new updates to your server is one of the best things you can do to enhance your system’s security. The update will not only reduce security flaws but can also come with new features.

However, it is essential to note that new updates can cause compatibility issues and disruptions, so don’t enable automatic updates, particularly if you are in a production environment. Instead, you can test the new update in a virtual environment and add it to your system only when you’re sure it is effective.

Installing server updates can be a chore, but upgrades can bring worthwhile benefits. While most programs and operating systems have auto-updates, it is advisable to consult an IT professional first.

Hard Disk Data Integrity Checks

As Hard disks continue getting bigger in capacity, they are exposed to Unrecoverable Read Errors. The only thing that can protect the data on your hard disk from corruption is performing simple error checks on the drives.

Additionally, your hard disk spins many times per minute, which can gradually ruin its performance. During server maintenance, ensure you check the functionality of your internal hard disks. Windows CHKDSK is an essential tool that can help you discover some issues with your storage system.

Data Backup Review

Data backups allow companies to save files and recover them in case of a system failure. Data backup review entails regular updates and checks to ensure your organization uses the latest backup systems to minimize data losses.

If you fail to test your backup system, you may be in for a rude shock in case of an outage. Frequently ensure that you save the right backup files in the right location.

Schedule Server Maintenance Today

Outsourcing services from a professional IT company can be a viable option for keeping your server in top shape. At West County Computers, we have the tools and the skills to keep your server running smoothly. Contact us today online, or give us a call at 707-360-8652, for more information about our server maintenance services. You can also schedule a free risk assessment to determine if your network and server are properly maintained.


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