About Us

West County Computers has offered computer maintenance and support services in Santa Rosa since 2008. Our services are available to both businesses and consumers.

Our History

Tom founded H&N Consulting in 2003 with one of his close friends. His partner relocated to Sacramento, but Tom continued to run the company on his own.

Tom eventually realized that the name of his company didn’t reflect the services that he provided. He changed the name to West County Computers in 2008 to emphasize the company’s services and appeal to his customers in the local community.

Tom relocated to Sebastopol in 2004. He has worked with many wonderful clients over the past decade and has become personal friends with a number of them.

The majority of West County Computer's clients are based in Sonoma County. However, Tom still serves customers in Marin, Napa and other neighboring counties.

About the Owner

Tom’s first experience with computers was with an Apple 2e when he was nine years old and he quickly developed a fondness for computers. Tom started reading programming books at the age of 12, but decided that he was more interested in hardware than programming.

Tom always liked tinkering with things when he was a kid. He started taking computers apart and reassembling them just to see how they worked. He broke several computers, but learned a lot about them in the process.

Tom has since become an expert in residential and business computer hardware. The industry is constantly changing and he reads literature on computers to stay on top of the newest trends in order to offer the highest quality services to his clients.