Top 5 Recommended Business Laptops

  As laptops continue to grow in popularity, so has the needs for laptops in business. When it comes to your business needs, having a reliable and high performing laptop is extremely important. Today, we’re looking at the top 5 recommended business laptops and evaluating each laptops’ features and capabilities. Laptops are crucial to business, […]

Laptop Repair: How We Can Help

Does your laptop run a little behind compared to when you bought it new? Does your screen dim or have lines running through it? Is your internet connection inconceivably slow? The experts at West County Computers can help. Today, WCC is talking about laptop repair and classic signs of a bad laptop. Running Slow Your […]

What Can I Expect From Computer Services

  Computers have become important and essential parts of our lives.  Without them, tasks that we take for granted, such as paying bills, banking, shopping, taking college classes, or keeping touch with friends and loved ones, suddenly become much more difficult.  We don’t realize how dependent on computers we’ve all become until we can’t use […]

Computer Repair Checklist

  Why would someone want a computer repair checklist? For starters, small changes can make a big difference in performance and the life shelf of your computer. Think about everything we use our computers for, it should be best practice to maintain our computers at optimal performance. Even though you can do everything right, there […]