Trusting a MSP for Your Small Business IT Security Needs

Trusting a MSP for Your Small Business IT Security Needs

MSP stands for Managed Services Provider and they take over IT services such as cybersecurity, data storage, and other technical issues so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

Quality MSPs can provide you with high-quality cyber security that will protect your online business from data breaches. They implement the latest cybersecurity practices and update your software and hardware.

6 Tips to Help Your Employees Be Cybersmart

Six Tips to Help Your Employees be Cyber Smart

The rapid technological advances have made it possible for companies to become more efficient and more productive. But, as more data is stored and processed, cyber security threats increase as well. In fact, one study found that about 90% of data breaches occur because of human error.

In addition to investing in malware, firewalls, and other cybersecurity protocols, it’s also essential to train your employees and make them cybersmart.

What Does a Server Do for Your Small Business?

What Does a Server Do for Your Small Business

In its simplest definition, a server is a type of software that functions as the brain of your business. Servers facilitate data exchanges—they are centers to store and access data. Essentially, your business relies on several factors like having the proper inventory, hiring the best team, and having the right partners for its success.
All these aspects require effective integration of information to ensure each department is running correctly. As such, installing a server can benefit your small business in many ways, including:

Hybrid Workplaces Are Here To Stay. Is Your Business’ IT Network Ready For It?

Hybrid workplaces are here to stay. Is your businesses IT networ

Businesses across the globe have had to adapt to the new reality of the workplace: allowing the employees to work from home to keep everyone safe during the pandemic. However, it seems a new hybrid model has appeared, as employers are now combining remote and in-office models to allow workers more flexibility. But is your […]

What Cyber Security Solutions does Your Business Actually Need?

What cyber security solutions does your business actually need

Cybersecurity has steadily evolved from being an IT challenge to a typical business problem. Although some people think cybercrime only happens to large companies, banks, and other high-profile institutions, small to medium businesses are a significant target for cyberattacks. So it’s essential to implement the best cybersecurity solutions to keep your business protected against these […]

How Much Does a Cyberattack Cost a Small Business?

How much does a cyber attack cost a small business

With the rapid digital transformation occurring globally, the ease of doing business has increased. However, cybercriminals have not been left behind. Credible reports indicate that 43% of small businesses experience cyberattacks annually in the United States. The worrying part is that cybercrime is not expected to end any time soon. It is, therefore, upon small […]

What Are the Top 4 Cyber Security Threats Facing Small Businesses?

What Are the Top 4 Cyber Security Threats Facing Small Businesses

Many small business owners still think that the size of their business and the relative obscurity in a world of millions of companies will protect them from cyber attacks. Unfortunately, today’s online world is quite vulnerable to cyber attacks, and most of the attackers use automatization, which enables them to target multiple businesses at once. […]

How Can You Protect Your Small Business Against Cyber Attacks?

How Can You Protect Your Small Business Against Cyber Attacks

For any small business that sells online or stores customer data on internet or intranet servers, cybersecurity is a very serious concern. Depending on the nature of your business, you are more or less prone to cyber-attacks. But, as attackers are looking for any kind of information about your customers, even a mail list or […]