7 Affordable Tips to Keep Small Business IT up to Speed

When you’re running a small business, it’s important to keep a tight hold on your company budget. But in this day and age, having an up-to-date IT setup in your office is critical for your company’s success – even if you’re not doing much business online.   Buy Your Hardware in Bulk Most IT companies […]

Top 3 Computer Maintenance Tools You Should Be Using

Regular computer maintenance lets you enjoy a fast running and functional computer for much longer than you might otherwise. If you stay on top of computer maintenance, you’ll be rewarded with a computer that doesn’t wear out and break as easily. Today we’re going to look at the top three computer maintenance tools you should […]

What performance upgrades can be added to my computer?

Performance upgrades on computers isn’t as unusual as you might think. At some point, anyone who owns a computer is going to get frustrated by its limitations.  Even if you have the newest, most expensive, fastest computer available now, eventually  new technology is going to push the limits and make your computer start to look […]

Increase Download Speed

  If you’re working at home and frustrated with your download speeds, it may be time to investigate your home setup to see whether there is an obvious culprit that’s slowing things down. To improve your download speeds, work through the following checklist to isolate the issue and improve your speeds.   Test your current […]

What is a Computer Network?

  No doubt you hear the term “computer network” being bandied about all the time by tech workers and others who understand computers.  However, do you really know what that term means?  Do you understand what a computer network actually is, how it works, and what types of computer networks there are?  Since the modern […]

What is an IT Server?

An IT server comes in many sizes and functions. Servers are a vital component of computer networking and storage for companies of every size. From tiny startups to international conglomerates, servers provide critical function to keep computers – and business – running smoothly. Servers include both hardware and software, both of which have a seemingly […]