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Best Antivirus Programs: Protecting Your Computer in 2017

Antivirus programs provide protection for your computer and the information stored on it. Hackers use viruses and malware to steal your personal information and infiltrate your network to bring down any machines connected to it. Businesses and home computers are all safer with the protection of firewalls, malware scans, and other services that a well-rounded […]

Social Networking Safety

Social Networking websites have become an important part of modern life.  Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and SnapChat give users the opportunity to share photos, videos, and messages with people all over the world.  Due to this, social networking safety is a concern, As these websites gain in popularity, the risks of using them increase […]

6 Reasons Your Business Needs a Server Maintenance Plan

Owning a business in 2015 means that most likely, technology is indispensable to your business operations. Whether you have a web-based business or simply utilize information technology to keep your office running smoothly, it’s important to have a server maintenance plan to keep the technology that you rely on working properly. Here are a few […]

Practice Safe Internet Browsing for a Healthy Computer – Part One

West County Computers wants to keep your computer running smoothly and your personal data safe, and there’s few more simple and cost effective ways to do that than to utilize the appropriate software programs and practice good computer use habits, especially when it comes browsing the internet. While most people in this day and age […]

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