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What Does a Server Do for Your Small Business?

What Does a Server Do for Your Small Business

In its simplest definition, a server is a type of software that functions as the brain of your business. Servers facilitate data exchanges—they are centers to store and access data. Essentially, your business relies on several factors like having the proper inventory, hiring the best team, and having the right partners for its success.
All these aspects require effective integration of information to ensure each department is running correctly. As such, installing a server can benefit your small business in many ways, including:

How to Properly Maintain a Server Room

How to Properly Maintain a Server Room in Santa Rosa CA

Many businesses decide to outsource their server rooms, but some of them prefer the security of having the server room on-site. If you have the resources and capacity to host the server room in your business headquarters, you will have the advantage of total control over how it’s structured and how it works. But server […]

How To Set Up Your Small Business Computer Network

How To Set Up Your Small Business Computer Network

A couple of years ago, setting up a computer network would have seemed impossible without a lot of knowledge about computers. But today, that isn’t the case. In part that’s because the internet is filled with loads of solutions. You’re always one Google search away from your answer, and the technology you need to set […]

5 Forgotten Cybersecurity Threats in the Office

cybersecurity threats

Cybersecurity is essential in the workplace. More offices are being hacked daily. Instead of leaving your business open to chance, here are some essential cybersecurity threats that you should take seriously. Bad Passwords Employees usually like to pick passwords that are easy to remember, but they can choose passwords that are way too easy to […]

Top 10 Reasons Why SMBs are Vulnerable to Malware Attacks

malware attacks

Not all businesses are taking the proper steps to ensure that they’re fully protected from malware attacks. Here are the top ten reasons why SMBs are still vulnerable:   Not Investing Enough in IT Security: the question shouldn’t be “if” an attack will occur, the question should be “when.” In a 2017 study conducted by […]

How to choose a server for your small business

how to choose a server for your small business

Making a decision on the growing infrastructure needs of your computer network is a daunting task. When your business is scaling up, the last thing you want to do is to take half measures and have to redo the entire process in a relatively short period of time. Consult with the experts at West County […]