Computer Services

West County Computers offers premier computer services in the Santa Rosa, CA area. Providing support for residential and business clients throughout Sonoma County, we provide valuable services that will keep any computer system functioning to its fullest extent. Whether you are in need of preventative maintenance, network solutions, complex server builds, general repair or upgrades, we can help. At West County Computers, we specialize in both in-shop and on-site computer support services for all customers in and around the Sonoma County area. For top-notch quality tech support and computer services, you will not find a company with better hourly rates or monthly contracts. Feel free to contact us today to schedule an appointment!

Business Computer Services

Our managed IT services for small businesses will help you achieve perfect office functionality and help you avoid hiring a costly in-house IT department. Let us be your on-site technology department! We provide many services, including but not limited to: network consulting, system protection, internet security implementation, maintenance, computer cleaning, website design and development, data services, hardware and software support, IT consulting and much, much more! Every one of these services can be essential to building a workflow for your office that will minimize the need for maintenance or employee training. An investment in our company is an investment in your company’s productivity.

Computer Security Protection

Small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are the prime target for attackers because they tend to be easier targets. They’re often less secure and unprepared for attack. Think about burglars that go after houses where they know no one is home. With more cybercrime automation and the rise of hacking kits, the cost and time it takes to launch a successful attack have decreased, increasing the amount of cyber-attacks executed.

You, like many SMBs, may not think you are a target. 82% of SMBs say they’re not targets for attacks as they don’t have anything worth stealing. However, 55 percent of SMB respondents have experienced a cyber-attack in the past year, and another 50 percent have experienced a data breach involving customer and employee information.

Residential Computer Repair Services

If you do not own or operate a business, you will still benefit from our residential computer services. Whether you are located nearby our location or are seeking on-site help, we have you covered. For on-site computer help in the convenience of your own home, you will be hard pressed to find a computer services company that offers as many quality services as West County Computers. Our residential computer services include the same valuable opportunities that we provide to our business clients. Additionally, we offer individualized computer and software training and tutoring, as well as general PC help. Through our employee’s expertise, we can teach you to be the master of your domain.

Need help in an area that you do not see listed above? Never hesitate to ask for our assistance on any problem you may experience with your residential or business computer networks. Our team has years of experience serving this community, and we should be able to help you find a solution to every one of your problems. Contact us now, and we will help you reach the computer optimization and stability you need to succeed.