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Computers are complicated-but-crucial things. Most of us don’t know exactly how they work. Yet, we use them daily to have immediate conversations, store valuable information, and finish tasks in the blink of an eye (which took hours to do before computers became a thing).

We’re so used to computers, we can’t imagine a life without it. This is why...

When things go wrong and someone steals/deletes your sensitive data or your computers stop working out of nowhere — your life becomes a living nightmare.

This is particularly true for businesses, who rely on computer technology to stay afloat.

Because when things do go wrong and all hell breaks loose, you can’t do anything about it but spend 1000s of dollars and pray that everything gets back to normal as fast as possible.

But that’s not even the worst part. The worst-case scenario is: you losing money (and customers) every minute you spend “fixing” that setback, which was very much preventable!

Stop This Horror From Happening.
Let Us Investigate Your IT Systems.

We, at West County Computers, never let disasters like that happen. Not on our watch.

This is the very reason why smart people call us for help when they need PROs to look after their IT infrastructure, protect their business (from cyber theft, data breaches, worms, viruses, and equipment failure), and prevent their business from ever going dark.

But what makes us different from the rest of IT companies is...

Unlike other IT companies, who charge big “hidden” fees to assess your technology systems… we offer complete IT assessment absolutely free with no strings attached.

But that’s not even the best part. See… when we investigate your systems: we scan and analyze it with the latest technology (and practices), which pick up any (and every) trace of security vulnerabilities, compliance issues, software bugs, and hardware defects that can put your business at risk or cause havoc on your computers, servers, workstations, network, etc.

And when we’re done assessing — we share a complete report of what needs doing — to keep your information safe and have your systems operate at peak performance.

Now, you can either follow those steps and fix those issues by yourself OR you can let us take tender loving care of your IT infrastructure. If you choose the latter, we ensure that:

  • Your hardware and software stay all up-to-date and safe.
  • Your workstations and servers perform at their level best.
  • All your licenses stay up-to-date and valid.
  • Your IT and data stay secure and stable.
  • Your network stays free of any trouble spots.
  • And your tech works for you, not against you.

So, why wait to see your business getting crippled from easily preventable disasters?

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P.S. If you're seeing slow computers, or have other tech frustrations that didn't use to happen, call us immediately (707-360-8652) before that turns into a living nightmare!

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