Safari West

Safari West in Santa Rosa, California, was first established by Peter Lang in the 1980s when he purchased over 400 acres of land in the beautiful Mayacamas Mountains. Peter located his small but growing collection of exotic animals and quickly converted the former cattle ranch into one of the world’s best conservation breeding facilities.

The main mission of Safari West was to establish captive breeding programs for the critically endangered species in Peter Lang’s collection. He works closely with local zoological facilities, which includes the San Francisco Zoo.

It was during this time that Peter met the lead curator, raptor-specialist, and the lady that would be his future wife, Nancy Lang. When these two dynamic people combined their skills and passion together, they turned the original woodland into the first-class wildlife preserve that you’ll see today if you visit.

It is Safari West’s mission to actively promote environmental and conservation education through the sharing of information and knowledge. They want everyone to think about sustainability and how they can impact the environment and the animals that live in it through their actions.

With so many animals and attractions to see at Safari West, it would be a shame to miss out on this wonderful attraction the next time that you visit Santa Rosa, California. Peter Lang began his love affair with animals at an early age. His father, Otto Lang, was a well-known film director, and Peter spent much of his youth on movie sets and sound stages in exotic locations.

If you have a passion for the environment and love to see exotic animals, then Safari West in Santa Rosa, California, is one animal park that no animal enthusiast can afford to miss out on. They are open most of the year and have a variety of different packages for people to choose from.

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