5 Things You Should Know About Your Managed IT Services

If your business has grown and you’ve found yourself spending more time on technology than actually running your business, you may be looking into managed IT services or already have hired a company to provide them. This is likely a more cost effective solution than hiring your own IT department, but can also complement an existing IT department by freeing up their time. Managed IT services can include the management and servicing of your email, security, storage, data backup, customer relationship management (CRM) applications, and network monitoring. As with everything, all IT management businesses are not created equally. Be sure to evaluate the services you are being provided and at what cost throughout the year.


Here are 5 things you should know about your managed IT services:


  1. Managed IT Services Should Prevent the “Break-Fix” Pattern

If you wait for something to break and then have to call an IT service team for repairs to your system, this can cost you substantially in the long run in loss of revenue and productivity. Think about your entire email system or customer relationship management application shutting down for a day or two. That can lead to an incredible loss. Having managed IT services should mean that these services are monitored and maintained so that major problems like this do not occur. Prevention is must more cost effective than dealing with problems after the fact when you consider the damages that can occur from the shutdown of a particular system within your business. Managed IT services will conduct updates, security tests, etc. to keep your technology running smoothly.


If you are finding that you are constantly calling your managed IT provider with issues, it may be time to shop for another firm as the idea of managed IT services is to not have to call to get things fixed.


  1. Most Managed IT Services Will Charge You Monthly

You probably already have numerous monthly subscription packages and adding another one may not be on your to-do list, but if you truly want to prevent IT issues and free up valuable time for you and your employees, managed services are the way to go. Also, if the company you choose provides exceptional customer service and manage your systems well, you may be building a relationship for years to come. This is worth the subscription fee.


This monthly fee should be inclusive and incorporate the management of your systems as well as customer service calls. If you are finding you are not getting your money’s worth per month, it may be time to look for a new company.


  1. You Can Have an IT Department and Still Need Managed Services

While managed services have been great for small business who cannot hire their own IT department, they can also be a great resource for those with existing IT departments. Instead of worrying about routine maintenance and small issues, an existing IT department can instead work on projects that can benefit the company. IT Departments can work on developing new applications, designing websites, or streamlining technology processes within the company. This is a better utilization of skills for these professionals instead of having them deal with the monotony of updating servers, storing data, and maintaining the company email system. Managed IT services allow your business to get the most out of your expert staff without bogging them down with these types of tasks. While it may seem like overkill to pay an IT department and managed IT services, some businesses have actually found revenue to increase with the productivity of their IT department free to develop and create.


  1. Managed IT Services Can Also Provide Program and Project Management Solutions

Beyond simple network monitoring, managed IT services can offer a wide range of solutions for your business, including program and project management. Recommendations for new software that will make your employees more efficient can increase productivity. There is a vast amount of programs targeting to businesses for collaboration, presentations, etc. but certain programs may be a better fit for your company than others. By understanding your goals, managed IT services can provide insight into what programs and processes are going to work the best for you.


  1. Managed IT Services Can Protect Your Most Valuable Asset: Your Data

In the current climate of hackers, data protection is more critical than ever before. Businesses need to make sure they are working from secure servers, secure networks, and have a safe Cloud they are exchanging data through. Emails need to be protected and kept from competitors and the general public. Managed IT services not only set up these secure services, but conduct ongoing maintenance to ensure that your data stays safe. Even a minor security breach can create a massive issue for businesses that can even lead to fines and litigation in the future. By having professionals create and manage these services, you are ensuring that in good faith your business is doing everything it can to prevent data breaches.



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