Is Your Computer a Security Risk

With so many advancements in technology in such a short time, computers now give you an endless stream of information and data. You have the entire universe right there in your hands. Sophisticated tech and advanced security also invites new and effective ways to use technology as a way to cheat people out of money. Viruses that can weaken your security, malware that can reduce your computer to a paperweight, or spyware that can steal your account information are all possible threats. However, there are warning signs that your computer is a security risk. The following are ten warning signs that your computer is at risk of being or is infected:

1. Your computer runs slower.

Viruses and malware can make your computer run slower than usual. It can slow down your operating system, your internet speed, or the speed of your apps. If you haven’t installed any large new files that can account for the decrease in speed, there is a good chance that your system is infected. Check how much memory or RAM you have before you jump to that conclusion.

2. You get pop-up windows.

While annoying, pop-up ads are a good sign that your computer is at risk. Do not click on any of these ads because they might have more malware threats. Spyware too can be factored in this as well. To avoid any issues, along with not clicking on pop-ups, avoid answering suspicious emails or messages and be careful about what you are downloading.

3. Your computer keeps crashing.

If you constantly see that blue screen of death, you’re going to want to clean your computer of any malware immediately. While it may also be a software or hardware problem, it is clear something is wrong,so you are going to want to look into it or have someone look into it.

4. Your Hard Drive lacks space.

If you have a pile-up of malicious software, it is bound to affect your memory. If you are suddenly low on memory, consider the possibility of a security breach. Of course, if you’ve downloaded a ton of programs, than that will certainly account for your lack of space.

5. Your friends are getting strange messages from you.

Are your friends mentioning strange and random messages and attachments? Someone may have hacked you, perhaps using spyware, or some application or program is sending out these messages. If the latter is true, the messages would not show up in your sent box. If you are a victim of spyware or a hack, log out of everything and change your passwords to something stronger.

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