Does Your Small Business Really Need A Server?

Deciding whether to add a server to your small business network can be a challenging decision. Maybe you even repurposed an old computer to function like a server. Servers make a network efficient which saves time and eliminates frustration. If your office is running at least four computers a server is necessary. Here’s why your small business really needs a server.


Dedicated Equipment

Using an old computer to stand in for a server seems like a great cost effective way to give new life to an otherwise outmoded PC. This is not a suitable solution. A server needs to run 24/7, and regular PCs are not designed to work this way. Another perk of using an actual server is that when components need to be swapped out the entire server does not need to be brought down. By comparison, if work needs to be done on a PC that is pulling server duty the PC needs to be powered down, so updates take longer.


Consolidate Your Resources

A server creates a centralized location to store files. This one location is accessible to the employees who need to access information, and as files are updated they are available in real time to everyone. With a server you can also arrange to create automatic backups of data which greatly simplifies recovery if necessary. You can also take advantage of email management and archiving, so nothing is ever lost.


Improve your Security

It is easier to keep proprietary or sensitive information safe on a network with a server. Instead of information existing across several different computers everything exists on the server. The server can be setup to keep data safe, while still allowing networked computers to access it.


Hardware or Cloud Options

Simply deciding to get a server is the first of many decisions. You will have to choose between a hardware or cloud setup. Both options have pros and cons. Traditional hardware options are a greater expense, but they provide greater control. There are a lot of cloud server packages available now that can present more cost effective options, but an issue like service outages are beyond your control.


Finding the Right Server for Your Small Business

Adding a server to your small business network can be intimidating. There are so many different types of servers to choose from and it can be hard to know what is right for your business. That’s where a professional computer maintenance and support service can help. We can work with you to determine the needs of your particular business and create a server solution that will fit those needs and grow with your business.


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