Computer Acting Up? 5 Simple Fixes You Can Do Yourself

Problems popping up with your computer can cause a lot of stress. You may be interrupted while working or in the middle of something else. It can be really upsetting when you don’t know what’s happening with your computer or how to fix it.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you have a problem with your computer. There are certain things that you can do yourself in order to either completely solve or rule out problems that are easy to fix without having to pay a service to help you. You just need to make sure to keep cool and run through the procedures below.

5 simple fixes you can do yourself:

  1. Restart your computer.

While this is a pretty common joke that tech support people will tell you to restart your computer, there is merit to this. Sometimes computers will have a problem that is just temporary and restarting it can actually fix the problem. Restarting it clears memory and reruns processes.

  1. Clear your browser’s cache.

It can be really irritating when you have a problem with the Internet on your computer. If only certain pages are being effected, clearing your cache can fix it. While clearing your cache won’t fix every problem, it can be very helpful for some problems. It is relatively easy to do, but may be hidden into a menu, depending on your computer and what browser you’re using.

  1. Check for viruses.

Another thing that easily causes issues with your computer is a virus. Viruses can cause your computer to be slow, freeze windows and cause random error messages. Before you take your computer to a professional, run a virus scan to see if that is what is causing a problem.

  1. Uninstall and re-install the program that is causing problems.

If you’re having issues with a certain program on your computer, uninstall and reinstall that program. It could seem that you have problems with your entire computer, but if it’s only when using a certain program, take a look at that first.

  1. Get rid of cookies.

Cookies are files that the browser stores to make surfing the web easier. They could also be causing problems when you’re using the Internet. This is shown through error messages or if you have trouble logging into different websites. Delete your cookies and it could solve the problems you’re having.

If you’re having computer problems, take a look at the areas above. If your problem is more serious, make sure to contact us to get a professional opinion. Your problem may be more complicated and you may need someone with extensive knowledge.

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