Why Is Cyber Security Important For A Business?

Why Is Cybersecurity Important For A Business in Santa Rosa CA

Some estimates point out that there is a cyber attack once every 39 seconds. But even so, it’s also reported that only around 5% of company files are properly protected.

Some business owners may think the threat of a cyber-attack does not apply to their industry or business. After all, who in the world would be interested in getting their hands on your customer list or details about your incoming shipments?

Except, everyone is a potential target and the need for stronger cyber security increases every year as we’re moving more and more towards a digital world. Here are a few reasons why cyber security is crucial for your business.


A Breach Can Result in Loss of Clients

In the end, it’s all about how much your clients trust you. Even a small online shop needs to show all customers it’s okay for them to add their personal financial information to make a purchase. But, if you become the victims of an attack or any kind of security breach, it’s easy to see why people will start thinking twice before they buy anything from you ever again.

Even if you do everything to make sure you use client information wisely and don’t abuse their personal data, all these efforts can be for nothing if hackers can break in and steal it. If your customers trust you enough to hand said information willingly, you have a responsibility to do everything you can to keep it safe.


Cyber security Measures Reduce Risks

It’s virtually impossible to prevent all potential cyber-attacks. Hackers are extremely creative people, and most security measures in place can’t keep them away forever.

But cyber security isn’t all about keeping them out. It will also create opportunities for your business to reduce the likelihood of an attack, as part of the process involved running tests and analyses to see if there’s an area that remains unprotected. This component is incredibly important in helping you stay one step in front of the threat.


It Creates a Better Damage Control Strategy

So you’ve been breached. What’s your next step? Do you close the computer and hope for the best? Nope. Cyber security also involves having a plan of what to do in case of a breach to minimize damages as much as possible.


Over to You

These days, you can’t afford running your business without a cyber security strategy. Contact West County Computers now for more information on corporate cyber security.

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