6 Ways To Keep Your Network Secure When Employees Work Remotely

6 Ways To Keep Your Network Secure When Employees Work Remotely

Remote work is more popular than ever – but despite its various advantages, there are a few security risks you need to think about to ensure your network stays secure while employees work remotely. Take the following steps to make sure you address common vulnerabilities.


  1. Install Antivirus & Anti-Malware Software
    Employees working remotely have less supervision than those working in an office – so you can’t monitor their web activity as easily, which could expose them to phishing and viruses. Antivirus & anti-malware software helps to mitigate this risk.


  1. Configure A VPN For Your Corporate Network
    A VPN (Virtual Private Network) encrypts network traffic to your corporate network, making it more secure from anyone who may try to spy on your employees’ activities. A VPN should be mandatory for connecting to any internal network-based resources at your business.


  1. Discourage Use Of Public Wi-Fi
    Ideally, your employees should use their home networks and encrypted hotspots when they are not at home. Public Wi-Fi networks expose them to more risk. If they do use public Wi-Fi networks, such as in a park or a coffee shop, make sure they use a VPN to encrypt their traffic.


  1. Train Employees & Educate Them With Basic Security Knowledge
    Your employees should know things like how to recognize phishing attempts, password best practices, not to use public Wi-Fi, and other basic IT security information that can help protect your information – so invest in training for all workers and ensure they have the information they need.


  1. Use Multi-Factor Authentication
    Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) uses a device that generates authentication codes, requiring this code in addition to a password. This helps protect data if an employee loses or misplaces a work device, or if the device is stolen.


  1. Make Sure Employees Run Software Updates
    Outdated software and operating systems can lead to security holes that hackers and other malicious actors can exploit. Have your IT team check in with remote workers regularly to make sure that they are running necessary software updates on their devices.


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