How An Effective Network Management System Benefits Your Small Business

How An Effective Network Management System Benefits Your Small Business

Your business networks are essential for high-performance computing, and need to be properly protected and managed to provide consistent bandwidth and reliable uptime. A Network Management System (NMS) can help with this, and provide your business with a wide variety of benefits.


What Is A Network Management System?

While your home likely only has one network device – a router and a modem – even smaller companies may have dozens or hundreds of these devices as part of their network, and it’s impractical to manage them all manually.

As the name suggests, an NMS (Network Management System) is a system of hardware and software that allows your IT team to manage these systems more effectively, and do things like:

  • Monitor all network hardware devices (routers, switches, cabling, etc.) to ensure proper operation and monitor capacity
  • Detect failure of devices and systems
  • Analyze performance of the network
  • Manage multiple network devices from a single location
  • Reroute traffic and make automatic adjustments when a system or piece of hardware fails

Depending on the system you use, there may be additional features, but an NMS will typically at least allow you to perform all of the above functions.


The Benefits Of An Effective Network Management System

There are many ways that an effective NMS can benefit your small business – here are just a few of them.

  • Simplified network management – Your tech team can quickly monitor everything related to your networks in one place, which enhances efficiency dramatically compared to manually checking network systems or using different software to monitor performance.
  • Maximize performance – An NMS can help with network troubleshooting, allowing your team to identify performance issues, track down their sources, and eliminate the issue to provide maximum network performance.
  • Reduce downtime – Your team will be able to monitor the health of your network and associated hardware more easily, and adjust to outages and failures to ensure maximum uptime.


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